Surgical Tubes and drains, Clamps

Surgical Tubes and drains, Clamps

ryles tube

Ryles Tube

A nasogastric tube is a narrow-bore tube passed into the stomach via the nose. It is used for short- or medium-term nutritional support, and also for aspiration of stomach contents - eg, for decompression of intestinal obstruction.


  • Manufactured from non toxic, medical grade PVC compound
  • Four lateral eyes for efficient drainage
  • Radio opaque line provided throughout the tube for X-ray visualization

feeding tube

Feeding Tube

A feeding tube is a device that's inserted into your stomach through your abdomen. It's used to supply nutrition when you have trouble eating. Feeding tube insertion is also called percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy.


  • Manufactured from non toxic, medical grade PVC compound
  • Distal end is coned with steel balls sealed into the tube to facilitates easy insertion
  • Four lateral eyes for efficient drainage
  • Proximal end is provided with Universal Funnel Connector for easy extension

suction connection tip

Suction Connection Tip

Suction Tip is constructed of a clear, transparent material with a slip-resistant handle and uniform inner surface for rapid evacuation. The suction handles feature blue-tinted tips made of transparent, shatterproof plastic that permits monitoring of suction fluid.


  • Sterile
  • Non-Conductive Connnecting Tubing
  • Tubing has superior draping quality while maintaining its shape during suctioning
  • Universal Female Connectors on each end and Includes straight male connector

suction connection tubes

Suction Connection Tubes

For connecting suction source to suction waste collection systems, suction catheters, suction probes and other suction devices. The 'M' connector snap-fits into the 'F' connector and is normally used to connect to standard funnel fitted on suction catheters.


  • Transparent suction gun is made from medical grade polymers. 2.5m long translucent tube attached with suction gun for efficient and aromatic suction. A part is provided at the distal end of handle for easy finger tip control during suction management.

pediatric urine collector

Pediatric Urine Collector

It will be a plastic bag with a sticky strip on one end, made to fit over your baby's genital area. Open this bag and place it on the infant. For males, place the entire penis in the bag and attach the adhesive to the skin.


  • Light weight
  • Available at nominal market prices
  • High Durable

scalp vein set

Scalp Vein Set

Scalp vein set is a device primarily used for venipuncture. It consists of a hypodermic needle, two bilateral flexible wings, flexible small bore transparent tubing (20-35 cm long), a connector (female Leur).


  • Scalp vein set having short beveled silicone needle facilitates traumatic calculation
  • Designed to provide rapid venous access, for patient comfort during infusion
  • Butterfly wings provides better & easy fixing
  • Flexible wings needle for pediatric & geriatric use

blood infusion set

Blood Infusion Set

Strong, sleek and sharp spike with airvent to puncture blood bag outlets. Drip chamber with filter mesh to keep out blood clots from entering the patient's circulation. Regulator clamp to control transfusion rate. Kink resistant, soft, PVC tubing.


  • Easy to operate, quick simple installation
  • High accurate digital control for temperature.
  • Infusion fluid is automatically to the set temperature in short time.

iv set

I.V Set

IV sets are used for the controlled infusion of medications, typically over long periods of time. IV sets are used to connect the medication to the needle inserted into the patient. IV extension sets are also used to extend IV lines without risk of contamination.


  • Regulator for efficient flow control
  • Bulb latex for extra medication
  • E.O. sterile
  • Cylindrical chamber

iv burette set

I.V Burette Set

A burette set is specially wont to deliver a fixed volume of IV fluid at a fixed rate, usually with added medication. It consists of a graduated PVC glass chamber with a stopcock (turning plug, or spigot) at one end.


  • Kink Resistance tubing
  • Easy to read scale with white contrast background
  • Micro Dropper of 60 drops per ml
  • Roller type flow controller provides accurate flow control

umbilical cord clamp

Umbilical Cord Clamp

The umbilical cord clamp is a medical device used to hold the cord in place when the cut (surgery) is made, and the clamp may stay on for several days while the remaining cord attached to the baby dries.


  • Clamps arms inclined at a suitable angle for easy movement for clamping
  • Designed to clamp the umbilical cord soon after the birth
  • Finger grip to ensure safe and convenient handling, particular for wet gloves
  • Provided with grooves all along the length to prevent slip of the umbilical cord and to retain it in same position

3 way stop clamp

3 Way Stop Clamp

3-Way Stop Cock is made of medical – grade biocompatible polycarbonate. It's fully transparent body allows visualization of flow of fluid. It is having universal 6% taper on luer which allow connection with a wide variety of standard medical devices.


  • 3 Way stopcock are suitable for use during
  • Pressure infusion & invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Made in medical grade, Clear transparent poly carbonate
  • Minimum residual volume, rigid construction with circular flow-channel

extension tubes

Extension Tube

Low Pressure Extension Line is utilized to augment the IV liquid pathway and for blood/blood subsidiaries/nutritive or therapeutic liquids transfusion and implantation. Features : Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing.


  • Sterilized
  • No cross reaction
  • Non-Pyrogenic

catheter mount

Catheter Mount

Catheter Mounts is connected between the patient and the breathing system. The catheter mount is used as an intermediary connection between the patient and the breathing system.


  • Provided with Suction & Bronchoscopy Ports
  • Compatible with all Breathing and Ventilator circuits
  • Double swivel connector and flexible tubing provides mobility and flexibility to the patient end of the circuit
  • The catheter mount is fitted with a double swivel connector