Other Medical and Hospital Products

Medical Products

hospital id bands

ID Bands

Our entity is betrothed in providing a varied range of Hospital Patient Tags to our valuable patrons. Our presented products are employed in numerous places for many purposes.


  • Light weight strong, soft vinyl
  • Non transferable, secure plastic snap provides maximum security
  • Clear shield provides easy and accurate bar code scanning and protection from water and other abrasives

bulb sysringe

Bulb Sysringe

A bulb syringe is usually used to gently suction mucus out from your baby's nose. It can also be used to remove saline nasal wash from his nose. A bulb syringe is best used when your baby is younger than 6 months old.


  • 3 ounce bulb syringe aspirator
  • Ideal for safely removing secretions
  • Cleanses nasal passages of newborns
  • Latex-free

arm board with strap

Arm Board With Strap

Medpass Reusable Armboard Straps Hold patient's arms securely to armboard during surgery. Broad surface area reduces pressure points on arm – less chance of skin breakdown.


  • Better positioning of patients during surgeries
  • Made from latex-free, anti-bacterial, and tear resistant material

ultrasound printer paper

Ultrasound Printer Paper

These thermal printer rolls are widely used for ultrasound printing. Available in varied types such as upp-110s, upp-110hd, upp-110hg the range is widely acclaimed in that market for their following features:


  • Environment friendly
  • Fine texture
  • Tear resistance
  • biodegradability light weight

ecg printer paper

ECG Printer paper

The ECG paper is a graph paper where for every five small (1 mm) squares you can find a heavier line forming a larger 5 mm square. The vertical axis measures the amplitude of the heart's electrical current. It is measured in millivolts (mV).


  • We are offering ECG paper rolls & packets that are used for recording the test results in ultrasound.
  • We offer best quality single channel, 3 channel, 6 channel & 12 channel ECG papers.
  • Which are used in electrocardiogram (ECG) machines.
  • These papers are offered in varied sizes and patterns

autoclave tape

Autoclave Tape

Autoclave tape is an adhesive tape used in autoclaving (heating under high pressure with steam to sterilise) to indicate whether a specific temperature has been reached.


  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Accurate Indicator

gauze and cottons


Gauze was made of silk and was used for clothing. It is now used for many different things, including gauze sponges for medical purposes. When used as a medical dressing, gauze is generally made of cotton.


  • Made from 100 % highly absorbent cotton yarn
  • Bleached by hydrogen peroxide to good white
  • Easy for cleaning the wounds
  • Soft & absorbent and conforming to body contours